Warehousing Services in Kenya

Need a place to store your extra goods during your lockdown move and don’t know what to do?¬ It could be house stuff or office stuff. It could be for your business, and you may need to store imported cargo before you get it sold or distributed. Warehouses provide the perfect solution. 

They securely store goods, track them by when they arrived, the duration of time they have been there, where they have been placed, and the quantity they are in. Warehousing, therefore, is the assumption of responsibility for the storage of goods.

While most small business owners in Kenya may not initially consider warehousing services to meet their storage needs, as the business expands, warehousing quickly becomes a necessity. The need to outsource logistics to a third party, lease a warehouse, or rent a storage space becomes a top priority that prompts the growing business to store its inventories in these facilities. 

The warehouses in Kenya provide both short-term and long-term storage options and also provide large storage facilities, like containers, shelves, and forklifts.

There are two main ways in which the entire warehousing process is broken down. The first one is the e-commerce aspect. Take an example of placing an order online, where once an order is placed, stored products are shipped from the facility that had stored them and go directly to the consumer. 

The second one is more traditional in its methods: the products stored are moved to a brick-and-mortar store after being temporarily stored in a warehouse.

Whether the new age or the old age way, here is how to know the ways around warehousing.

Types of Warehouses

The types of warehouses available in Kenya are majorly determined by their accessibility and ownership, whether publically, privately, or governmental.


Bonded Warehouses

Located near the ports, bonded warehouses are government-operated and accept imported goods for storage until the owner of the imports clears with the customs. The warehouse operates under a bond where only the custom authorities give way to the release of any goods stored in these facilities. The customs authorities are bound to only giving consent once the customs duties are cleared. Only then is when the bond is lifted.

These kinds of storage spaces are essential to importers and exporters as they can keep their goods secure until they are able or willing to clear their custom duties. The bonded warehouses provide an option of paying up the custom duties in installments, making it easier for the importers and exporters to clear their arrears.

Public Warehouses

These are licensed storage facilities owned and operated by either an individual or a group of people. The licensing has to be from the government of Kenya, and the public warehouse has to follow every rule and regulation as stated by law. Services offered at a public warehouse are accessible to all members of the public and are chargeable. This explains why they go by the name “duty-paid’’ warehouses.

Mostly located at railway and waterway junctions, public warehouses are not only constructed well but are always heavily guarded to ensure highest level of security to all products in storage.

They play a major role in the business and agricultural industries since most individuals are unable to manage their own warehouses due to the huge capital required in their operations.

They are affordable to the general citizen. Public warehouses provide all the necessary facilities and equipment to enable receiving, storing, and later on dispatching of all the goods that have been stored there by the businessmen and farmers. These facilities have equipment that provides packaging and grading of products.

The warehouses also facilitate the transportation of the stocks of the businessmen to the nearby trading centres. They, therefore, enable business people to run their operations easily as the warehouses provide an easier and quicker way of servicing all the potential clients in the region. The public warehouse receipts can also be used by farmers and business people to take loans from banks.

Private Warehouses

Merchants and large-scale manufacturers own this type of warehouse in order to accommodate their size of productions. Such firms often have networks of warehouses spread out across the country for convenience during the marketing periods. Since warehouses are expensive to maintain, most small-scale business people and producers do not use this kind of warehousing.

How to know if a Warehouse is efficient

Playing a major key role in any company’s supply chain lies an efficient warehouse. This is because it can easily make or break a business. Therefore, any business owner, especially one that deals with physical goods, should not only consider the space and racking of a warehouse but also contemplate the following factors before choosing a warehousing service.

1. Warehouse management Systems and Technology

Eliminating manual labour is top-tier for any warehouse that wants its operations to be fast and accurate. This is enabled by installing software that carries out warehouse operations by providing necessary tools. In addition to saving time, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) help inventory-keeping with ease, as well as shipping, distribution, and tracking.

How this is possible? The system provides electronic solutions that are able to read inventory orders and picks lists based on how close to each other the order inventories were placed.

These kinds of systems also provide real-time insight into all the activities going on in the warehouse. Efficiency and security really are the keywords of these types of systems.

2. Warehousing Service Operations

Looking into how well a warehouse is able to track all the items it has is key to showing how its operations proceed. The warehouse should be able to receive inventory, store it in a secure space, keep all the ideal storage conditions in place, and deliver it to its destination with ease.

The warehousing service operations should help you save on cost, they should have on-time shipping, quantities should never go missing, the staff should be productive, aisles should be cleared, and space should be optimized. Additionally, all the equipment should be used as intended. At the end of it all, customers should be satisfied and happy.

3. Warehouse Management

This refers to the running of the daily activities that promote the warehouse’s efficiency. It entails training the staff, keeping inventories, security, the kind of equipment the warehouse has, and how the warehouse staff and managers relate to their clients.

The warehouse manages all this by:
a) Projecting and distributing labour amongst the staff.
b) Performing audits to ensure everything is secure and accessible.
c) Collecting all documentation of every shipment inbound and outbound.
d) Proper licensing for anyone that operates equipment.
e) Ensuring that safety practices are maintained within the facility and providing safety gear.


Why Opt for Warehousing?

Price Optimization

When the demand for commodities in the market is low due to increased supply, warehousing provides a chance to optimize your prices by waiting for the time when the high season comes and get to release your commodities into your market space. 

This enables you to gain maximum profit for your growing business as renting out warehouse storage will cover up the potential losses that would have been made in the low season. Manufacturers are able to keep producing goods as they await their market season to come due to the conveniences of a warehouse.

Reduce Risk

To avoid theft of goods or deterioration of their quality due to harsh weather conditions or complete loss by fires, warehouses are constructed in such a way that the destruction of goods is fully minimized. Warehousing provides a safe space that enables the preservation of all kinds of commodities. In the case of perishables, they are stored in cold storage rooms. Warehouses also have an insurance policy that guarantees their clients compensation if anything goes amiss with their goods.

Save Money

Warehousing allows a business person to plan how their business module will look like months to come and saves him money that would have been wasted if he chose to run a warehouse on his own.


Built specifically to offer space for storage, whether for commercial or personal needs, warehousing provides the perfect place to dump unnecessary goods that are not in use for the season.

Get Premium Packing for Your Commodities

At their request, customers are now able to have their products packed by warehouses in any size or quantity and sorted out even by colour. This makes it easier for their consumers to have the perfect kind of packaging and handling of their products. Modern warehouses own facilities that also blend, grind and grade products. Buyers are allowed to inspect the process in the warehouse at will. This saves time on the consumer’s side too.

Finance Factor

If you decide to store your goods in a warehouse, a receipt is issued to you that indicates the value of your goods, the date that you dropped them off, the date that you are to pick them, and with them comes a signed insurance policy. With this documentation, you can get a loan from a bank by signing an endorsement of the receipt. 

It is even more beneficial to a business if the warehouse is bonded since the owner can easily pay his custom duties in small installments if his goods are in such a facility. The goods will act as security for the businessman. This way, warehousing provides financial assistance to a business person.

Choosing the perfect Warehousing Solution

Location and Accessibility of the Warehouse

The ruling factor for the location you choose is entirely reliant on the need for a warehouse. If the intention is to store bulk goods for an extended period of time, then warehousing in a rural location would be the best idea. This will save you a lot of cash as the warehouses in the suburbs do not charge as much as those in urban areas.

In contrast, if the aim is to get your goods stored in a location that serves it best for your clientele, then a warehouse near your target market would work for you. The warehouses in the urban centres often offer delivery services to their clientele’s orders and in a short time.

All in all, the more central the warehouse is, putting all factors in place, the better the deal at hand. A go-to warehouse that serves this purpose would be warehousing.co.ke as it provides the perfect location for all your needs.

Time of The Year

Seasons often affect the supply and demand of most products. Sometimes you may find you miscalculated your importation of goods and, therefore, need extra storage until next season when you will sell off your products.

Found yourself here and you are scared of making losses during your low season due to the cost of warehousing? The good news is, you can outsource logistics to warehousing.co.ke. They offer solutions to your need to have your estimates regarding when to find the best service that works for you and your business.

Value Addition Services

warehousing.co.ke offers additional services like B2B orders on top of their traditional inventory, storage, packing, and shipping services. Finding warehouses like this one can save you a great deal of trouble by allowing you to handle it all by yourself.

Management Technology Services

Providing fast inventory-keeping and tracking, warehousing.co.ke proves best with their services. Their technology grows with the new age, and the security of goods is guaranteed and insured.

Cost of Storage

Generally, the whole idea of warehousing is saving money. To be able to estimate if it makes financial sense to hire a warehouse service, you will need to know how much space you will use in a warehouse and the charges that you will have to pay over the set duration of time.

Warehousing.co.ke provides an affordable solution. Their services are excellent and can save you a great deal of money. 

A client on their site says:
“We saved over Ksh. 50,000 by moving our storage. The whole process was well executed and the customer service team was always quick to respond to our queries through email and phone.’
With all these factors in check, finding a warehouse solution like warehousing.co.ke will help you drive efficiencies, deliver goods to your customers on time, and help your business expand while still saving money.

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