Best Movers in Nairobi, Kenya - Updated 2021

When it comes to choosing the perfect movers in Nairobi, for your next big move, there is technically a lot to factor in. Let’s start here: Nairobi is a big city with millions of residents. It obviously accommodates numerous moving companies that will offer close to similar services at your convenience. 

However, it being a large and still growing industry for the movers, it gets a little tricky to know the legitimacy of all of them. You might end up contacting fraudsters that pose as genuine moving organizations. This could lead to property loss and damage since they may not be professional enough to handle everything with care. Worse, they could hoax you and end up paying for a service that you will never get to have. Some of these hood rats don’t even have the proper licenses to carry out their activities in Nairobi city.

To help you with this endeavor, we have compiled some of the key factors you should put into consideration as you look for your next movers in Nairobi. Needless to say, we have also listed the best movers around based on their level of professionalism, quality of service, affordability, security of storage, and the general experience. 

Following this listing, your next move, whether you will be moving office, houses, inter-county moving, international moving, or simply need their storage services, will be easy and more manageable knowing who to go to and receive value for your money.

So how do you tell apart what’s real and what’s not? How do you tell who you can trust with your property and money and not end up regretting the decision for eternity? Is the secret lying behind a fancy website, or is the ultimate tell-tale hiding in plain sight?

How to identify a legitimate mover

To start with, you cannot differentiate a lion from a tiger if you do not know the mannerisms and features of a lion. This means that before you get to picking a company as your go-to mover, you have to know the basic characteristics of all movers. This helps you eliminate the offers that have loop holes in them. 

Knowing hallmarks of professional movers is the starting key factor. The professionals don’t lay low when it comes to how they organize themselves. I mean some of the Nairobi movers even match up to international standards of packaging and moving! How cool is that! Here is what you should have your eye on:

a) Reviews and Feedback

Needless to say, reviews are amongst the most insightful of tell tales. This is because they accommodate a genuine experience of the last clients served. They help you gauge if the experience is worthwhile or not. You could choose to look through their websites, or you could ask friends and colleagues of their different experiences with their referred movers.

Since testimonials and reviews have a great impact on the companies’ portfolio, some of the movers go to an extent of faking them. Yes, fake reviews are a real thing and you should check for the reviews consistency and authenticity before you buy into anything you read. 

You can tell authenticity by how the company in question engages with clients or how it replies to both the negative and positive feedbacks on their channel. Is the feedback available all merry and Christ-massy? This could tell you they may be faking it since it is naturally hard for any company out there to have an overall 5-star rating.

b) Branding

This looks into aspects of the brand that clients easily identify with. It could be the kind of uniforms they wear, their presence in terms of service quality, whether people know that they always deliver? Is there a company logo on their boxes and trucks? Are their social media pages up and running? Do they have a structure to their company? Is their website functional? 

These are amongst the top branding details you should look into. It tells you that they know what they are doing and are invested in customer satisfaction too.

c) Let’s talk Payment Plans

Most legitimate movers will never ask for a full payment plan to enable the client manage the bill and also to show their commitment to it. Additionally, the half payment plan allows the movers to show their authenticity. If the movers you choose are asking for a full payment plan, it is very likely that they are not authentic and something will go wrong during the moving process.

To add on, the best movers always give a clear overall cost explanation. This is to guarantee some of your valued possessions like pianos and safes are well transported during the move. They will tell you how much more money might be needed to the actualization of the plan early enough in advance. The quotations given should always have a clear outline of all costs inclusive.

d) Is Your Mover a Member of a Professional Organization?

Moving associations are created to maintain a high level of quality and reliability amongst their members since these kinds of associations require a certain level of trust gained by the members over years of experience and rendering quality service. 

If the moving company you choose to work with is a member of associations like the International Association of Movers (IAM) or the FIDI, then quality and reliability is assured if you hire them.

e) Do They Have the Right Kind of Documentation Required?

For accountability and legal matters, it is important that movers get to document the entire process. These documents include quotations of the work scope, invoices, written disclaimers if any needed, receipts of the payments done, and a confirmation of the work completion. 

If you notice that your movers are down playing these kind of documentations, it’s best you consider an exit plan sooner rather than later.

f) Are They Insured?

Firstly, if your movers are not providing insurance for your move, you should already start looking for a new mover. Insurance enables you to get compensated if anything goes wrong during the move. Read through the insurance cover policy before you get to commit yourself. 

The best of movers also take keen consideration to explain on how the entire moving process will go and always have the right moving tools needed for the safety of everyone.

g) What Of Customer Service?

It is every client’s business to know what kind of customer service your movers put to the table. In this regard, observing how they reply to your cues, if they are inquisitive of what additional services you might want, and their pre and post-move consultation helps your overall experience as a client. 

If all they care is getting you to pay for their service rather than listening to your concerns, then you have no business hiring them. The best movers always value great customer service.

h) Do Your Movers Have an Actual Storage Space and Office?

Contacting movers online may be a good idea, but the internet is the land of all wolves. Does the wolf you chose have a physical address that can be easily accessible to you if need be? 

How clean and organized are their warehouses? Is their office space accommodative enough for you to go and inquire of all you need, get to meet a few employees and interact with them on a physical level? If the answer to all this is a yes, then yeah, you definitely got one step closer to finding the movers you want.

i) How Well Does the Moving Company Treat Their Employees?

To find out how well the employees of the movers you choose are treated is not so hard as there are signs that can be easily observed. You could look at how their training is done, what kind of uniform they wear, whether the company pays for their lunch, and if they get paid on time.

These details are important because if the company values their employees it also means they will value their customers just as much.

Naturally, well taken care of employees give out their best when they get to the field. Notice how well the management of the company interacts with its’ employees.

Besides, the tell-tale signs of legitimate and illegitimate movers that are out there for you to easily zoom into, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best movers in Nairobi, Kenya. The movers in this list have passed all the legitimacy tests and have proved themselves over the years of their existence.

The Top 10 Movers


With over 10 years of industry experience and offering a complete customer service package to all their clients, Ahadi Movers makes it to the top of the list. Ahadi Movers are reliable, efficient, and have great customer service. To add on, the organization of the team is top notch.

Project managers coordinate entire moves from start to end and do not need any kind of supervision. Always on time, they serve a great deal for time management. They also provide tailored removal services, such as hospital moves, library, schools, warehouse and factory relocations. 

Their highly trained employees engage in great handling of special products and operations of premium air ride trailers with lift gate capabilities.

Worth a mention, Ahadi Movers possess and use equipment that supports cryogenic, sensitive climate control, and generator powered shipments. Talk of efficiency!

What are their clients saying about them? Here is a review from one of their clients:

“I am in awe still about the service I was offered by Ahadi last weekend. Their team was at my house by 8am and we started immediately. Their staff is fun. One of them was breaking a joke often. I was updated consistently. and whatever they were not clear about, they asked. I was impressed. What’s more, they handled my items with utmost care. Your service is way better than other companies I have used before. Thank you!’’

Still think it is all bogus? Well, Ahadi Movers also provide insured moves ensuring that no loss or damage happens during the transit. They have strong logistics support and are well versed with the East African map ensuring an easy relocation to whichever part of the region that you may be relocating to. Item tracking is very much part of Ahadi’s moving process too.

The cherry on top? Ahadi Movers are very affordable. You can quickly and easily get a quotation from their website without much hustle. And bet me on it, it will be amongst the cheapest of quotations you will get from movers in Nairobi, Kenya. You can now see why they have featured on several newspapers as the best movers in East Africa.


Providing global moving, storage, warehousing, and local moving services, Global Moving Experts have enough years of experience and have gained just the right amount of trust and reliability to help you with your next big move. They are based in Nairobi and can help you move anywhere around the world for your house or office.

They describe themselves as;

“We are your trusted and reliable Nairobi-based moving company for local and global moving needs. We have the expertise, the excellent training, and the best equipment to ensure that your belongings make it safely to your new destination.”

What their clients say about them?

Thanks very much. The team you sent over was very friendly and helpful. They paid attention to every detail and were very professional. No damages occured, all furniture transported nicely, and the quotation was straightforward,” 

John Kamau


Moving across the globe can prove challenging. But not when these guys are around. understands all the complex rules and regulations that are faced while moving across the world. 

They specialise in residential and commercial moving. They have all the right equipment, trucks, have enough storage facilities, and their professionalism is great.

The reviews from their clientele can tell you more;

“I had the best services from Globe Relocation. My stuff got to my new place in good shape. Thanks to the sales rep Jacky, who was really helpful. And Joyce is great field personnel.’ 

Wairimu J.

“The team was cautious, well-groomed, and funny as well. We got very good support from their office as well as from Jackie together with Victor. They mounted my TV free after work as well,” 

Wanyonyi A.


On top of the regular domestic and international relocation services, Cube Movers offer cleaning services, pest control, and courier services. Cube movers also go an extra mile of;

a) Helping you with DSTV and ZUKU installation

b) TV mountings and wall hangings

c) Basic housekeeping

What they say about themselves: “we know that moving is a very personal experience that requires meticulous understanding of your needs. Cube Movers take the pressure out of your move and ensues the job gets done right. We are a reliable, trusted, and competent company here to help you shoulder the load of a residential or commercial move.”


Why Nellions? We could start with their customer review as it says it all:

“At first when I heard of them, I was not sure of what kind of movers they are. But congrats Nellions, never have I experienced comfort, and value for money paid as much as I did. I saw a team that communicates well and with very friendly language. Really great and trusted. You will not lose even a spoon with Nellions. God bless you.” 

Mrs Rijkhoff Dorothy.

Needless to say, Nellions’s professionalism is commendable.


“Our key focus and goal is to understand our clients experience from their point of view. We see this as our central focus that drives every aspect of how we conduct our business and relate to our customers. We guarantee professional moving services in Kenya. Whether moving within Nairobi or around the globe. Taylor Movers Kenya will have a custom tailored moving solution for you.’

Going an extra mile to ensure that everything goes as planned during your house and office move is Taylor’s way of doing things. They have a global capacity for moving corporate relocations and sure as a horse, they do deliver. Customer satisfaction means the most to Taylor Movers.


Founded by a team of professionals with more than 20 years of combined experience in the moving business, Prestige Movers has fingers wrapped around all sorts of residential and commercial moves.

A testimonial reads: 

“Just a word of thank you to the team, they were absolutely brilliant and the whole experience of moving was seamless and smooth. We have already recommended your company to a neighbor who is moving from Lavington Heights on Sunday.”


This award-winning moving service providers describe themselves as professional movers who provide quality and reliable relocation services at affordable prices. They have professional crew who offer customer support and guarantee satisfaction.

A happy client wrote:

 “I loved my move with Pro Team Movers. They were efficient, had very good teamwork, and left my house habitable. My stuff was also handled well and they have very good rates. I recommend them anytime.” 

Lilian Mokoh.


“Alpha Movers Kenya are trained to provide you with the very best advice and service from the moment you first make contact with us. We provide you with a clear, unambiguous price quote with no hidden charges. Alpha Movers Kenya’s commitment to quality and security means that we only use company-trained staff for our packing and removal services.”

Working around the clock, Alpha Movers will not only provide you with a quotation of your house, office or international move within a few minutes after your request, but will advise you on the best way to approach your move. Many clients have given a thumbs up to how Alpha Movers have conducted their moves.


AGS Movers is amongst the pioneers of the mobility industry with forty years of experience. It provides seamless services, with customer service being the most valued task. They also offer their services (domestic, office, international moves, vehicle transfer and storage) across five continents.

“We assist and accompany more than 85,000 families with their relocation every year. We pride ourselves on our ability to safely and successfully move any item in your home.”

AGS Movers are clearly a go-to moving company based right in the heart of Nairobi, Kenya.

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